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Sean Borchardt

Senior Vice President, Employee Benefits Consultant
Tolman & Wiker Insurance Services, LLC
196 South Fir Street
Ventura, CA 93001
Direct: (805) 585-6180
Office: (805) 585-6100
Fax: (805) 585-6200
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Sean Borchardt is a Senior Vice President and Employee Health Benefits Consultant with Tolman & Wiker.  In this role, Sean serves as the lead consultant to his large group employer clients and he is responsible for developing strategies to meet the Employer’s Health and Welfare plan needs.  He is involved in the strategic planning, project management, research, analysis and evaluation of an Employer’s medical, dental, vision, life insurance and disability benefits offerings. 


Sean is responsible for leading his consulting team in the development of his clients’ overall Health and Welfare plan strategy; manage the scope, quality, timeliness and budget of multiple client deliverables; facilitate and direct client calls and meetings; review financial, carrier   and administrative contracts; and provide direction to internal and external analysts in the preparation and delivery of clear and concise client presentations. Sean is also responsible for data analysis, claims and utilization analysis, the development of self-funded claims projections and employee cost share modeling.


As the lead consultant, Sean is responsible to ensure his clients are in Compliance with the Affordable Care Act, and many other IRS and Department of Labor regulations.  This includes the review of clients’ existing compliance programs and the development of an action plan to ensure his clients are in compliance going forward.  His analysis covers the review of internal compliance documents, disclosure requirements, external vendor contracts, Summary Plan Documents and employee communication programs to ensure his clients are aligned with and meeting their legal requirements.


Prior to his current role at Tolman & Wiker, Sean served as Senior Benefits Consultant with a large national firm, and prior to that he was Co-Founder and CEO of SeniorCare Organizational Systems.


Sean is a member of ProVisors-Westlake 6, Association for Corporate Growth (ACG-101), and Professionals in Human Resources Association-Woodland Hills, CA.    Sean holds a Bachelor’s degree in Agriculture Business-Marketing from CSU-Fresno.

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