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Your ability to secure a favorable workers’ compensation program hinges on the answers to a handful of questions:

  1. Is your workplace safety and injury prevention program effective?
  2. Are your claim reserves valued accurately and appropriately?
  3. Is your experience modification as low as possible?
  4. Do you know your new experience modification in advance of your renewal date?
  5. Are your business operations classified correctly?
  6. Are you ready for Performance Based Insurance Solutions?

Tolman & Wiker’s workers’ compensation professionals address all of these issues to help you lower your total cost of risk.  We work every day to protect your interests by providing risk advice, safety and loss control resources, and timely claims advocacy and analysis to keep you financially fit for the long haul.  Our team of experts use their experience and knowledge to help you and your employees navigate the system, helping to reduce your risk, eliminate surplus reserves, and position you to benefit from Performance Based Insurance Solutions.

Our Workers’ Compensation ClaimPRO services:

  • We conduct timely claims reviews for employers and their insurance company.
  • We evaluate outstanding claims before the unit statistical filing to reduce and eliminate unnecessary open reserves and optimize your experience modification.
  • We prepare an early estimate of your experience modification factor so you can forecast insurance expenses.
  • We consult on claims issues and strategies as situations arise.
  • We coordinate enrollment and utilization of your Medical Provider Network (MPN).


Proper prevention of claims, and efficient and prompt handling of claims that occur, are critically important to our clients ability to control their cost of Workers’ Compensation risk.  We are committed to minimizing losses by being aggressive advocates on your behalf, and we believe our responsibilities are fulfilled only when claims are properly resolved.  As one of the nation’s top independent insurance brokers, risk advisors, and employee benefits consultants, Tolman & Wiker Insurance Services offers comprehensive protection and claims management with a 95 percent client retention rate – a testament to our delivery of great results for our clients.  We combine our size and considerable resources with nearly a century of local ownership and independence.  For clients, this means personalized service, access to best-in-class services and resources, and peace of mind.

Tools & Resources

Clients of Tolman & Wiker Insurance Services receive access to the following resources:

  • Injury and Illness Prevention Program Consultation and Design
  • Return-To-Work Program Guide
  • First Aid Handout
  • Personnel File Management
  • Required Forms & Postings
  • Tolman & Wiker HR Risk Management HELPLINE
  • How to Get More Out of Your Claims Adjuster


Professional Services Team

  • Workers’ Compensation Department Bios
  • Loss Control Department Bio

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