Preventing Workers’ Comp Fraud – May 2, 2019 (Eng Vta)

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L O S S  P R E V E N T I O N  S E M I N A R S

Preventing Employee Workers’
Comp Fraud

Thursday, May 2, 2019

9:00 AM – 12:00 PM (English)


Worker’s comp fraud, just the mention of it is enough to raise blood pressures and tempers. Most employers attempts at combating WC fraud focus solely on what to do once they suspect that a claim is fraudulent. For example, we learn about the red flags that are indicators of possible fraud. We educate ourselves on how to carefully investigate and properly document the file in preparation for turning it over to the SIU of our carrier or maybe even turning the file over to the local DA to see if they will prosecute it!


If you think about it, this is a reactionary approach to combating fraud. While it is needed once you have a suspected fraudulent claim, the bottom line is, you have a potentially fraudulent claim at your business! So the question is: Is there anything that can be done to prevent it from entering in the first place? Are there any indicators that signal us as targets for WC fraud? Are we making ourselves an easy, inviting target for fraud and if so, how?


Presented By:

4th Floor
196 South Fir Street
Ventura, CA 93001

Cost: $150 (No charge for our clients)




Topics Include:

  • What is the one program every company must have in California that if used correctly can reduce the probability of worker’s comp fraud?
  • How do the new employee orientation and some of the supervisors unknowingly invite fraud into the workplace?
  • What are some things companies do that tell the fraudster they have found a good, easy target?
  • How can the supervisors’ and upper managements’ attitude toward its workforce impact fraud?
  • Why are background checks mostly ineffective in combating worker’s comp fraud?
  • Which is a stronger deterrent to worker’s comp fraud? a) The fear of getting caught or b) The consequences of getting caught and why is knowing this important to your strategy to prevent fraud?



Please make sure all attendees arrive at least 15 minutes ahead to sign in; classes will begin on time. Ample free parking is available in the rear of the building.
Parking is limited to 2-hours directly in front of the office. There is all-day parking available surrounding the city park across the street, as well as a parking structure on Santa Clara Street between California & Chestnut.

Register By: April 29, 2019

If registering after this date, please call us to confirm availability. If you require any special accommodations, please inform us when registering for the seminar. Seminar schedules are subject to change; all registrations will be confirmed upon receipt.


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About the Speaker

Microsoft Word - Greg Van Ness Biography.docGILBERT J. CERVANTES
Gilbert J. Cervantes has extensive experience in conducting effective loss prevention and safety programs designed to help your business reduce risk, lower the rate of accidents and injuries, and enhance your employee’s understanding of safety best practices, equipment certification, and compliance with supervisor training requirements. In addition Gilbert is bilingual and fluent in Spanish, which allows him to effectively communicate loss prevention and safety training concepts and answer any questions that may arise from supervisors and/or employees.


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