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Why Wellness?

Our approach is simple:

1st – minimize risk

2nd – reduce insurance costs

A properly designed Wellness Program reduces employee healthcare claims, thereby reducing the overall cost of your Employee Benefits program.

Be wary of pre-packaged, One-Size-Fits-All solutions. The key to success is understanding your employee’s needs.



Tolman & Wiker’s Wellness Practice has secured over $1Million in Wellness program funding for its clients from healthcare carriers!

Leading her class to fitness

Enhance your wellness program with custom wellness programming designed to meet your employee’s specific needs.


Sample Wellness Case Studies:


Sample Wellness Programming

  • Wellness Program Branding & Design
  • Wellness Newsletters
  • Healthy Cafeteria Design
  • Healthy Snacks at Work
  • Biometric Screenings
  • Onsite Screening Stations
  • Flu Shots
  • Onsite Health Coaching
  • Onsite Health Clinics
  • Onsite Fitness Classes
  • Onsite Fitness Center Design
  • Discounted Gym Memberships & Personal Training
  • Custom Mobile Apps
  • Online Wellness Portals
  • Onsite Wellness Speakers & Custom Seminars
  • Team Challenges, Sports, Competitions & Events – Fitness Olympics, Adventure Races & 5K’s
  • Incentives & Disincentives
  • Smoking Cessation Programs
  • Employee & Executive Wellness Retreats
  • Wellness Ambassador Program
  • Wellness Kitchen Hands-On Cooking Classes
  • At-Work Farmer’s Markets
  • Home Kitchen Makeover & Grocery Store Tours
  • Custom Employee Cookbook
  • Employee Health Fairs & Special Events
  • Fitness, Employee Productivity and Stress Management – Treadmill Desks & Massage Chairs
  • Equipment Giveaways
  • Innovative Wellness Idea Trends – Smoothie Bikes, Nap Pods
  • Carrier Wellness Tools, Resources & Funding

The Tolman & Wiker I.D.E.A. Wellness Program Design Process

I – Investigate employee Wellness needs, current program effectiveness, and healthcare claims cost drivers

D – Design a best practice Wellness program based on the information uncovered during the ‘Investigation’ phase

E – Engage employees to participate in your best-in-class Wellness program, and trusted vendors to deliver the necessary program elements

A – Assess Wellness program effectiveness, participation levels, employee satisfaction, impact on healthcare claims, and return on investment


Limited Time, Staff and Resources?

Implement Tolman & Wiker’s Minimum Recommended Elements of a Best Practice Wellness Program to get your Wellness Program up and running in a timely manner and for a minimal investment.

Minimum Wellness Program Elements

  • Healthy Snacks
  • Biometric Screenings
  • Onsite Fitness/Gym Membership Discounts
  • Quarterly Onsite Wellness Seminars
  • Health Coaching/Nutrition Counseling
  • Online Wellness Portal & Challenges

Ryan_Turnbull_SmlRyan Turnbull, MBA

Vice President,
Wellness Practice Leader
(805) 585-6144
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Contact us today to learn more on how a properly designed Wellness Program can help you control costs, retain key employees, and create a healthier, happier, more productive workforce.