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strong, healthy culture is the foundation of any company’s long-term success. A healthy, constructive environment attracts talented people, supports their growth, and engages their hearts as well as their minds in delivering great results for clients. Culture is about how people treat each other, collaborate with each other, and support each other.   It is driven by how the leaders of an organization set the tone, the example, and the expectations for how business gets done and how people should work together, for the benefit of clients and the success of the business.

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Your Tolman & Wiker leadership team and Members, all of whom operate in various roles of authority in the firm, are very focused on modeling and fostering a healthy culture here at Tolman & Wiker. In our team member meetings you’ve heard me frame our approach to driving a healthy culture as “A High Concern for People, and A High Concern for Results.” Study after study demonstrates that a healthy culture correlates very directly with sustaining and growing a successful business, and we know from our own personal experience the difference between a workplace that is positive, supportive, and results-oriented, and one that isn’t.

To have a healthy culture, it’s very important that we’re mindful about how we show up for each other every day. We expect our team to show up with friendly respect, kindness, honesty, and civility, just as it’s important that we show up that way with our clients. We look for that sort of person in any new team member we bring into the firm, and again, that’s what we expect from everyone on our team. We’re looking for people who care about others, and who demonstrate that concern by their actions. We’ve made some very positive progress in improving our T&W culture over the past few years, and the results of our most recent Team Member Survey

provide clear evidence of that, but the work of driving a healthy culture and a healthy, successful business is never over. It has to be part of our firm’s daily DNA.

The Vision and Values that you find on the walls of our offices and on our T&W website aren’t just idle words – we strive to walk our talk.     We know this business has its stresses, and we know that no one is perfect in how they choose to deal with stress and conflict. I encourage everyone to find their own way of achieving a healthy balance in their lives, including healthy habits such as exercise, mindfulness, and supportive relationships with others, so that we are able to keep our cool and maintain our grace under pressure no matter what’s coming at us.   When mistakes happen, as they sometimes do, whether they are technical errors or errors in our choices of behavior, we (Joanna and I, and the parties involved) address them factually and constructively in private, and we treat them as learning experiences, because some of the most important growth we achieve comes from learning from our mistakes.   A healthy culture includes having healthy boundaries and high standards, and we all have a responsibility to understand why that’s important and act accordingly.

We do expect that learning from mistakes will actually take place, as demonstrated by taking personal responsibility for one’s own results and behavior, and not repeating it. When it’s an interpersonal mistake, a personal relationship repair is the best way to begin taking ownership (start with “I’m really sorry, and I won’t do it again”), and our sincerity is measured by whether the behavior is extinguished, or if it recurs.   Repeat performances of the negative kind generate an escalating response Read More >>

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