Reyna Deleon, Account Manager 
Employee Benefits, Santa Maria

Reyna and I started at InWest insurance just a few months apart over 13 years ago. She has been instrumental in maintaining strong relationships with my clients and consistently offering her best. From our smallest to our largest accounts, Reyna has handled them with a positive attitude and willingness to get the job done. Managing employee benefits is not always the easiest thing to do but I’ve witnessed many situations where Reyna managed to turn frustrated customers into friends and friends into lifetime customers. We will miss her expertise and positive attitude in our department. I wish her the best in her retirement and will always be grateful for the work she has accomplished at our firm.

– Marcus Wilson

Val Bradley, Operations Analyst
Operations, Santa Maria

Last month we said good-bye to Val Bradley who spent 33 years with Tolman & Wiker in Santa Maria. Val began her career as an account manager and eventually spent the majority of her career with Pollard & Cossa and InWest Insurance as the commercial lines manager while doubling as the company’s IT department. She led Pollard & Cossa and InWest through a technological transformation and continued as part of the IT team when InWest merged with Tolman & Wiker in 2005. Her ability to take the complex and make it understandable is amazing. Over the last half of her career, Val developed a system of reports and data gathering that was not done by anyone else in the country. We will miss her talents greatly. Val has a lot of plans for her retirement, most of which are vacationing at her private resort, a.k.a. Kokomo Compound.

She will also spend a fair amount of time in Mendocino County at the Doggy Dude Ranch with her 5 best friends and some good wine. Our gift to Val at her retirement party was a week-long stay at the ranch. She was a bit emotional when she realized what we had given her. She looked at Natalyn and I and said, “I didn’t realize that retirements came with presents. Of course, if you don’t attend retirement parties I guess you don’t know these things!” She received a lot of nice gifts including an IPAD pro from Dennis and Denise. The highlight of the night may have been the group serenade of “You’re So Vain” which has significance going back to the early days of her time at Pollard & Cossa. Some of you may still see an email from her now and then as she is still assisting us with reports. It is just that now she is doing it from the comfort of whichever resort she happens to find herself in at the time.

Thank you for your many years of dedicated service!


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