They are called “Number Crunchers” or “Bean Counters”, and while most of what they do is behind the scenes, rest assured that Ventura’s Accounting and Finance department makes a huge contribution towards the success of Tolman & Wiker.

Director of Finance Vance Taylor has been with Tolman & Wiker since 2008 and feels that the company culture, specifically the understanding that while hard work is expected, people’s lives outside of work are also valuable, is a major plus to working here.


Ventura Accounting Team:
Samantha Castro, Rachel Humer, Cindy Garcia and Vance Taylor

As a good finance guy would say, Vance also commends the conservative nature of the Members and their willingness to invest in keeping the company strong. When not at work, Vance spends most of his time keeping up with his four children, Andrew (20), Jake (18), Jessica (16 – and learning how to drive!!), and Ben (12). Vance also contributes a lot of time to the Boy Scouts, serving on the regional board and leading Ben’s scouting troop as Scoutmaster. A couple of surprising facts about Vance, he is one of 12(!) children, and if he were not an accountant, Vance’s dream job would be – Rock star! He says he’d love to be lead guitar for a rock band like the Eagles. Let’s hear you shred on that axe, Vance!!!

Accountant Rachel Humer celebrated her 21st anniversary with Tolman & Wiker in January and she says that she’s been here so long that the people here (both past and present, Members and staff) are like her second family, and they are definitely the best part of working here. When Rachel is not hard at work paying all of us, you will find her donating time to her church, biking in and around Ojai where she lives, or watching sports of all kinds – especially SEC football

(she is an Ole Miss and Mississippi State fan due to her Mississippi origins). Something you might be surprised to learn about Rachel is that she has a bit of a rebel streak in her, having married a Yankee from Ohio and moved to California, the ultimate betrayal to her Southern family. She does go back to visit twice a year, so they can’t complain too much! Rachel’s dream job (aside from accounting of course) would be Archaeologist. She says that she is fascinated by history and lost civilizations and that she is a Nat Geo/Discovery Channel/History Channel junkie.

Cindy Laabs-Garcia is the Senior Accountant on the team (as well as our resident Excel expert) and has been with Tolman & Wiker for going on 11 years now. Cindy lists the whole accounting team as the best part of working for T&W, and feels fortunate that they work so well together and seem to enjoy each other’s company (at least most of the time!) Outside of work, Cindy enjoys spending time with her animals including 3 horses, 2 pygmy goats, and too many dogs, as well as doing various types of sewing, crocheting and cross stitching. An interesting fact about Cindy is that prior to her accounting experience, she

used to travel cross country as a corporate trainer for a hotel management company. Cindy’s dream job is to be a Veterinarian. Sounds like she gets lots of practice with all those fur babies!

The newest member of the Ventura team is Samantha Castro who officially joined Tolman & Wiker in 2014. Samantha says that the best part of working for T&W is the friendly atmosphere. When she’s not busy paying our bills, you will find Samantha spending time with her family shopping, going to the movies, at the park, or getting pedicures with her daughter, Monique, who is 9 years old. One thing you may not know about Samantha is that she has an 18 year old step-son who is serving in the military. If Samantha could choose any job, she says that she would have her own successful business where she could work from home.

Thanks so much to our fantastic accounting team for doing all that you do to keep our lights on!


ISSUE 18: Q1/Q2 2016

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