Taking the Long View

By Greg Van Ness, CEO


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Success_ID10031660_200pxTaking the long view, according to the Cambridge Dictionary, means thinking about the effects that something will have in the future instead of in the present. Whether it’s in our personal lives or our career pursuits, taking the long view is good for us, even though it means we sometimes defer immediate gratification or put forth extra effort now to obtain a future benefit.


In our personal lives, for example, we all know that the healthy habits and self-discipline we build now (good food, regular exercise, positive relationships, proper rest) result in a better quality of life that we enjoy now and as we move into the future. In our work lives, we know that the investments we make in developing our skills and knowledge, and in working hard and delivering great results for those we serve, make our career growth and long-term success possible. Taking the long view is about building something of lasting value, both personally and professionally, and doing what it takes to ensure that we have a bright future in front of us.


The Members at Tolman & Wiker take the long view, too. Our firm is 92 years old this year, is one of the Top 100 independent, privately-held insurance brokerages in America, and is stronger than ever. A big part of our strength comes from our continuous focus on maintaining and living our values, and continuously improving our team-based culture of excellence for the benefit of our clients. We invest in our team members’ success through education, technology, and other tools and resources that ensure our competitive edge, now and into the future. We are deeply committed to perpetuating from within and remaining independent indefinitely, and we have a sound plan that we’re executing on to make our ongoing independence possible.


Taking the long view means we do what is necessary today so that we prosper tomorrow. Our clients need us to sustain our strength and health, as a business and as a team, so that we have the necessary team member capabilities and resources to protect and serve their businesses and families. Our families depend on us to take the long view, too. We all know how important it is to have a healthy work/life balance, which helps us to have the energy we need to go the extra mile for those we serve.


Taking the long view doesn’t mean we shouldn’t enjoy the moment and smell the roses along the way – we should. Living well in the present and choosing to create a bright future is what taking the long view is really all about. On behalf of the Members at Tolman & Wiker, we thank you for investing your career energies with us, and it’s our pleasure to invest in you. Because of all of you, we have a very bright future, and we are very thankful that you’re part of our team!

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