Our Services


Driving Better Performance
for Your Business

Tolman & Wiker’s clients receive access to a number of valuable programs and services designed to help you succeed by lowering your total cost of risk. Our team of Risk Advisors and Employee Benefits Consultants combines extensive industry knowledge and market specialization for clients in virtually every industry sector of the marketplace.


The following are a sampling of the programs, business solutions and consulting services we provide:



Business Solutions

Using our proprietary process, we’ll identify your unique needs and recommend a customized plan to properly protect your business and lower your total cost of risk.

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Benefits Solutions

The complexity of healthcare choices and navigating the maze of new healthcare regulations can make benefits administration daunting.

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Personal Risk

Whether you are purchasing your first homeowners policy or adding to your existing portfolio, we offer a full range of innovative, specialized products and services to meet your needs.

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Risk Management

Sound risk management is fundamentally important to the success of every business. At Tolman & Wiker, our risk management philosophy and business practice is significantly different than the rest of our industry.

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Our Process

Our proprietary process, the Tolman & Wiker D.R.I.V.E. System® drives better results for our clients. Exposures to risk in today’s environment go well beyond the scope of an insurance policy. New risks to your business’ financial standing and ongoing operations are emerging and evolving very rapidly, along with the pace of change in today’s business environment.

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Performance Based Insurance

Performance Based Insurance (PBI) is a risk management strategy that provides businesses with a significant opportunity to reduce their insurance costs. Until now, Performance Based Insurance has only been available to a very select group of large businesses with significant premium and resources. Due to our turnkey approach, PBI can be suitable for companies with premiums as low as $150,000 or 35 full time employees.

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Loss Prevention, Safety & Health Services

Tolman & Wiker’s Loss Prevention, Safety & Health Services are designed to help you reduce risk, lower your losses, and improve your safety program. Effective Loss Prevention goes beyond satisfying regulatory requirements. We take a broader approach to educating employees and help to prevent common safety issues before they arise.

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Industry Specialties

Our team combines extensive industry knowledge and market specialization for clients in virtually every industry sector of the marketplace, including large publicly traded companies with operations, personnel, and risk exposures around the globe. Tolman & Wiker’s size and depth gives our clients access to best-in-class resources and expertise they need for world-class risk management and benefits consulting.

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Workers’ Compensation

Proper prevention of claims, and efficient and prompt handling of claims that occur, are critically important to our clients ability to control their cost of Workers’ Compensation risk. We are committed to minimizing losses by being aggressive advocates on your behalf, and we believe our responsibilities are fulfilled only when claims are properly resolved.

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Healthcare Reform

Are you confused and concerned about the impact of Healthcare Reform? If so, you’re not alone. Many companies today are getting conflicting advice from various sources, very few of whom truly specialize in Healthcare Reform. Worse yet, many are receiving advice from their advisors to “wait and see” and “wait until we know for sure” what the impact might be. You need to begin preparing now.

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Wellness Practice

Why Wellness? Our approach is simple: First: minimize risk, 2nd: reduce insurance costs. A properly designed Wellness Program reduces employee healthcare claims, thereby reducing the overall cost of your Employee Benefits program. Be wary of pre-packaged, One-Size-Fits-All solutions. The key to success is understanding your employee’s needs.

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