Our Values

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Tolman & Wiker Insurance Services, LLC

Organizational Purpose, Vision, Mission and Values


PURPOSE: Why We Exist
To attract and retain great clients.


VISION: What We Aspire To Be
Preserve our independence and perpetuate from within, indefinitely.


MISSION: What We Will Do or Accomplish Together
Be the leading independently owned insurance brokerage firm in California while enriching the lives of all those we touch and achieving continued growth and stability.




Act in the best interest of the client, company and team;

• Always treat the client’s interest as your own.
• Behave with moral and ethical principles.
• Be honest with others.
• Our values should never be sacrificed for results.



Inspire and support others so they can learn, grow, and achieve;

• Walk our talk; live our purpose, vision, mission and values.
• Do what is best for the team (organization as a whole).
• Be accountable for your actions and conversations you generate and tolerate.
• Have direct conversations.
• Be a role model demonstrating commitment and responsibility.
• Be a responsible decision maker.
• Know each other through interaction and relationship building.



Work together in a fun and fulfilling way which produces trusting relationships;

• Be aligned with the firm and team members.
• Follow the chain of command.
• Support the group decision process.
• Provide assistance and support to others.
• Optimize the skills and resources of others.
• Value the contribution of each team person (i.e. say “Thank You!”).



Enhance and preserve the dignity of every human being;

• Be a good listener.
• Be considerate, flexible and have an open mind.
• Be accepting and tolerant of diversity.
• Treat others as you would like to be treated.



Exhibit a courteous, conscientious and businesslike manner and appearance;

• Be committed to service.
• Seek knowledge and use it wisely.
• Always do the job right.
• Produce a high quality product.
• Maintain credibility.



Maintain independence through sound business practices that insure our long-term well being;

• Longevity is a measure of stability (our company has been in business since 1923).
• Take responsibility for our destiny.
• Be a good steward of our resources.