Loss Prevention Services

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Loss Prevention, Safety & Health Services

We help our clients succeed by lowering their total cost of risk.

HealthSafety_313x313Tolman & Wiker’s Loss Prevention, Safety & Health Services are designed to help you reduce risk, lower your losses, and improve your safety program.  Effective Loss Prevention goes beyond satisfying regulatory requirements. We take a broader approach to educating employees and help to prevent common safety issues before they arise.

It’s all part of our performance based approach which rewards companies who maintain excellent safety standards and a low rate of losses, accidents or injuries. Education and training of supervisors and key employees is an integral part of ensuring safety requirements and best practices procedures in all phases of your operations.

Our Loss Prevention Services include:


  • Cal/OSHA Compliance Audit
    Cal/OSHA Compliance Audit of your documentation including programs and documented training


  • Mock Cal/OSHA Inspection
    Mock Cal/OSHA inspection of the workplace


  • Injury and Illness Prevention Program Review
    Review of your written Injury and Illness Prevention Program to ensure that it is compliant and tailored to your operation


  • Loss Trend Analysis
    Loss Trend Analysis to identify injury trends and related programs, policies or process deficiencies


  • Needs Analysis
    Needs Analysis to identify what programs or training is needed to ensure compliance with Cal/OSHA and to reduce your exposure to loss from risks associated with your business


  • Identification of Program Deficiencies
    Identification of program deficiencies that are triggering litigated workers comp claims


  • Preparation for Renewal
    Prepare your company for the renewal process by making your company more marketable to workers compensation carriers


  • Claims Process Analysis
    Analysis of your claims process to identify areas of improvement and deficiencies that can create barriers to quick successful resolution of the claim


  • Fraud Prevention Training
    Conduct Fraud prevention training for your management and supervisory staffs


  • Identify Cultural & Morale Issues
    Identify workplace cultural issues that are creating morale issues which in turn affect productivity at work


  • Management/Supervisors Training and Obligations
    Conduct training for managers and supervisors regarding their legal responsibilities for the safety and health of their employees


To learn more, please contact:

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Gilbert J. Cervantes

Vice President, Loss Prevention, Safety & Health
(805) 585-6733

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Gilbert Cervantes has extensive experience in conducting effective loss prevention and safety programs designed to help your business reduce risk, lower the rate of accidents and injuries, and enhance your employee’s understanding of safety best practices, equipment certification, and compliance with supervisor training requirements. In addition Gilbert is bilingual and fluent in Spanish, which allows him to effectively communicate loss prevention and safety training concepts and answer any questions that may arise from supervisors and/or employees.


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Our Safety & Health Services include:

  • Workplace Hazards
    Hazard identification and control


  • Liability Exposure
    Exposure identification and analysis


  • Safety Program Evaluation
    Review of existing safety programs and policies


  • Safety Plan Design
    Design and help implement Workplace Safety Service Plans


  • Accident Investigation Training
    What to do when accidents occur 


  • Environmental Factors
    Identify if the services of an Industrial Hygienist are required such as for noise level testing, air sampling, etc*


  • Ergonomic Evaluation/Training
    Identification and prevention of common office problems


  • Safety Committee & Support
    Help establish a Safety Committee and provide ongoing support if and as needed


  • Custom Safety Seminars
    Develop customized in-house training for your management team, supervisory staff or employees


  • CPR First Aid Training
    CPR and First Aid Certification training for employees


  • Safety Meeting Preparations & Training
    Prepare designated staff to conduct safety meetings for employees


  • Forklift Certification Training
    Forklift Train the Trainer seminars to prepare designated individuals to conduct forklift certification training for their company


  • Sexual Harassment Training & Policy Review
    Prevention of Sexual Harassment training for supervisors and employees as well as a review of your policy to ensure it contains the mandatory elements


  • Workers’ Comp & Loss Control/Prevention liaison
    Liaison with workers’ compensation carriers’ Loss Control or Loss Prevention Consultants and departments


  • Translation Services
    Translate documents into Spanish from English


  • Consulting Services
    Provide ongoing email or phone consultations regarding Cal/OSHA Compliance, workplace health and safety or discrimination and harassment concerns


  • Safety Resources
    Provide resources for “tailgate” topics or general safety training sessions


  • Supervisor Health & Safety Training
    Conduct training for supervisors regarding workplace safety and health issues


  • Onsite Training Sessions
    Conduct a Tailgate session at the worksite to augment  your company’s current efforts


*Can include referral to a Certified Industrial Hygienist (CIH) associated with your workers’ compensation carrier, Cal/OSHA Consultation or to an independent CIH Consulting Company.