Kelly Cooper

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Kelly Cooper

Vice President, Employee Benefits
Tolman & Wiker Insurance Services, LLC
196 South Fir Street
Ventura, CA 93001
Direct: (805) 585-6740
Cell: (805) 680-4813

Office: (805) 585-6100
Fax: (805) 585-6200
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Kelly Cooper joined Tolman & Wiker Insurance Services, LLC in 2015, and brings over 25 years of Benefits Consulting experience with large public school district Joint Powers Authorities (JPAs) and other public entity businesses to the Employee Benefits team at Tolman & Wiker.

Kelly’s experience and acumen as a seasoned Benefits Consultant includes developing and leading the implementation of self-funded and fully insured benefits plans for corporate and union clients with up to 10,000 lives.  Kelly serves on joint management-labor committees and in direct negotiating sessions, and oversees all aspects of their benefits service and support.  She has extensive knowledge of the Affordable Care Act’s (Health Care Reform) policies and procedures, and how they relate specifically to each industry and each client.

Kelly has strong local roots in the region.  She is actively involved in the community, creating charitable events that support causes such as the Ribbons of Life Breast Cancer Foundation.  Kelly graduated with a BA in Economics from U.C. Santa Barbara, and currently resides in Ventura, where she enjoys sailing, hiking, traveling and cooking.

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