Risk Management

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Our Approach

Sound risk management is fundamentally important to the success of every business. At Tolman & Wiker, our risk management philosophy and business practice is significantly different than the rest of our industry.  Exposures to risk in today’s environment go well beyond the scope of an insurance policy.


New risks to your business’ financial standing and ongoing operations are emerging and evolving very rapidly, along with the pace of change in today’s business environment.   Beyond emerging risks, there are strategic and business/operational risks to your ongoing enterprise such as human capital, supply chain disruption, data security, disaster recovery, loss of reputation, succession and perpetuation, and many others.

Risk Management Tolman&Wiker

Those only begin to scratch the surface of the risks that can inflict significant loss to your business, or put you out of business.   Worse yet, many of those risks are not addressed through the purchase of an insurance policy.


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Performance Driven Solutions

Performance Driven Solutions (PDS) is a risk management strategy that provides businesses with a significant opportunity to reduce their insurance costs.


Until now, Performance Driven Solutions has only been available to a very select group of large businesses with significant premium and resources. Due to our turnkey approach, PDS can be suitable for companies with premiums as low as $150,000 or 35 full time employees.


PDS is about shifting control away from the insurance carrier community and back to the employer, where the employer can control their own destiny and reduce their costs over time. Most insurance brokers don’t promote PDS due to the reduced compensation and bonus potential paid to them by the insurance industry.


The demand for PDS is escalating as higher-performing companies can no longer afford to subsidize under-performing companies. Higher-performing companies see PDS as a competitive advantage over their competition, and a way to improve their bottom line.


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