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 Tolman & Wiker’s HR Risk Management Helpline

iStock_000012107881_LargeHelping employers face continuously changing employment laws and ongoing employee issues.

Questions about compliance with federal and state regulations, hiring, termination, harassment, discrimination, layoffs, wage/hour, exempt/non-exempt, and Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA) are among some of today’s top human resource issues.


Tolman & Wiker’s HR Risk Management HELPLINE is here to help your organization with these challenges! Here’s what our clients have to say about our HELPLINE service:

BDR Industries

Christine Castillo, HR Manager:

“This looks good! It looks like everything that I would use day-to-day compiled on one website. I really like that I can access employment law attorneys and not spend $600-$800 per hour for their advice. I love Tolman & Wiker and this is an extra plus to our relationship.”

Frymer Development

Kristin Nicols, Human Resources Manager:

“The responses from the Tolman & Wiker HR Risk Management HELPLINE attorneys have been helpful. They helped me decide how to proceed with issues in a legal manner. Access to the HELPLINE makes me further appreciate my relationship with Tolman & Wiker, and it is nice to know we are getting good advice.”

West Valley Engineering

Chad Hager:

“I think the HELPLINE website is great. There is a lot of information on it that I will definitely be able to utilize. Having access to the online training is really going to help me out right now. The webinars are also really useful to have; it’s really a combination of the training and webinars that I’m most happy about.”

Santa Barbara Farms

Elida Ramirez, HR Administrator:

“I like the fact I have access to the HELPLINE through Tolman & Wiker. My favorite part of the service is the HR Express Updates, and usually the Question or Case of the Month will catch my eye. I find these very interesting to read. The HR Updates keep our company up to date with forms and posters as well. I appreciate the access to employment law attorneys – I’m just glad I haven’t had to ask a question yet! The site is easy to use and I would recommend the HELPLINE to other employers.

To learn more about Tolman & Wiker’s HELPLINE services, contact one of our Employee Benefits Consultants today. We look forward to working with you, too!