Healthcare Reform

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Healthcare Reform: What Does It Mean To Your Business?

Are you confused and concerned about the impact of Healthcare Reform?   If so, you’re not alone.  Many companies today are getting conflicting advice from various sources, very few of whom truly specialize in Healthcare Reform.  Worse yet, many are receiving advice from their advisors to “wait and see” and “wait until we know for sure” what the impact might be.   You need to begin preparing now.

Tolman & Wiker Insurance Services is leading with solutions to Healthcare Reform that include expert counsel from compliance attorneys, as well as consultation and thorough analysis of the complex regulations and the coverage options from our certified Healthcare Compliance Specialists.

How do you compare the cost of a non-deductible excise tax expense for not offering group medical coverage, versus a deductible expense for providing group medical coverage that interacts with so many other areas of your income statement including FICA tax and Workers’ Compensation costs?  Which of your options will direct the maximum return to your bottom-line based on the particulars of your unique situation?   How will your employees react?

At Tolman & Wiker, we have the right answers to your questions about Healthcare Reform.  You’ll meet with an advisor who understands the complexity of Healthcare Reform, and can explain it to you in easy-to-understand terms.  We provide state-of-the art analysis and recommendations that will help you take the right path to navigate a very challenging reform.  That’s all part of the Innovative Risk Advice we’ve been providing since 1923.

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