Dave Rucker

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Dave Rucker

Tolman & Wiker Insurance Services, LLC
196 South Fir Street
Ventura, CA 93001
Direct: (805) 585-6728
Office: (805) 585-6100
Fax: (805) 585-6200
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Dave Rucker joined Tolman Wiker Insurance Services, LLC in 2005.  Prior to joining the company, he was the principal of Rucker Insurance Services in Oxnard for 14 years, specializing in agribusiness coverage.  Dave is an expert in Commercial Insurance with specialties in agriculture, workers’ compensation, OSHA/safety compliance and real estate.  After receiving a BS in Business Administration (option in Marketing) from California State University at Northridge, he began his career by following his older brother Dan into the insurance business working as an Underwriter with Chubb.  Initially interested in Loss Control, he took the path of an underwriter/agent, but has always enjoyed assisting clients with their loss prevention efforts.

Dave loves earning an invitation by his clients to be included in their “inner circle” of advisors that they turn to with business related questions and concerns; insurance or otherwise.  Dave truly enjoys being in a position to help motivate others to raise the morale of the workplace.  Regardless of the industry, employers who foster a company culture that includes high morale consistently outperform their peers.

Raised in Ventura County (South Oxnard), Dave has been a resident of Ventura for over 21 years.  He loves Ventura and appreciates it more every year.  Dave believes in investing back into our community, and is a life-long real estate investor and property manager.  He is also a Past President of the Independent Insurance Agents and Brokers of Ventura County.  In his spare time, Dave enjoys spending time with his three sons and is an avid cyclist.  He enjoys Ventura’s scenic beauty while fly-fishing, both freshwater and salt.

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