Cyber Risk Report


The Tolman & Wiker / Watsec CRS Cyber Risk Awareness Survey

Data security breaches impact an organization’s reputation and financial standing. We can work with your organization to meet the cyber security challenges of today’s complex and ever-changing on-line world.


Here’s a practical on-line cyber risk awareness tool designed to help organizations of all sizes begin to understand their exposure to cyber threats. This is not a full risk assessment; these twelve questions are simply meant to highlight your organization’s POTENTIAL exposure to cyber threats. The survey consists of questions about exposure factors and some basic, but critical, security controls. The actual level of cyber risk exposure faced by your organization will depend on the effectiveness of the privacy and security controls your organization has in place for the areas most exposed to cyber threats.


Once you’ve completed this short questionnaire and received the emailed report, we can help you implement a Cyber Risk Management Plan. Tolman & Wiker’s Solutions can scale to any size and type of organization. Our Risk Advisors are ready to help you address any of the issues raised in this report, and can assist you in developing a Cyber Risk Management Plan to help make your organization’s data and reputation more secure.