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Risk Management Solutions for the Construction Industry

Risk Management Tolman&WikerAt Tolman & Wiker, we partner with our construction clients to deliver comprehensive business solutions to help you manage risk. Using our proprietary process, we’ll identify your unique needs and recommend a customized plan to properly protect your business and lower your total cost of risk.


Our Performance Based Insurance Solutions (PBI) provide businesses with a significant opportunity to reduce their insurance costs. PBI is about shifting control away from the insurance carrier community and back to the employer, where the employer can control their own destiny and reduce their costs over time.

Tools & Resources

You build it, we’ll protect it! For contractors, owners, construction professionals, and project financiers, we offer the following programs and solutions:


  • Tolman & Wiker D.R.I.V.E. System® Risk Reduction program consulting
  • Project-specific insurance programs, including contractor (CCIP) and owner-controlled (OCIP) insurance programs
  • Hazard Risk Solutions tailored for the industry to include:
    • Primary & Excess Casualty
    • Surety Bonding
    • Builders Risk
    • Workers’ Compensation
    • Claims Management and Consulting
    • Environmental Liability
    • Professional Liability


Contact one of our talented Risk Advisors today to learn more about how Tolman & Wiker helps our Construction clients succeed by lowering their total cost of risk. We look forward to working with you, too!


Our Approach

Our risk advisors work with you to evaluate and design the risk management program that best suits your company.


Our Mission

Our mission is to limit loss, improve safety, increase profits and make your firm more attractive to the insurance marketplace.


Tolman & Wiker’s specialized programs address the needs of the construction industry:

  • Commercial & Residential Construction
  • Design Build Projects
  • General Contractors, Construction Managers, and all trade contractors



  • Associated General Contractors of America
  • Associated Building Contractors
  • National Association of Women in Construction
  • Builders Exchange of Kern County
  • Ventura County Contractors Association
  • Santa Barbara Contractors Association
  • Santa Maria Contractors Association
  • San Louis Obispo Builders Exchange

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Steve_Carter_SmlSteven Carter
Sr Vice President, Risk Advisor, Ventura
(805) 585-6116

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Ron Cossa, CIC, AIC
Sr Vice President, Risk Advisor, Santa Maria
(805) 361-7443

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Jeff Dann, CIC
Sr Vice President, Risk Advisor, Ventura
(805) 585-6159

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Jeff_Dodds_SmlJeff Dodds
Sr Vice President, Risk Advisor, Ventura
(805) 585-6150

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John Feliciano
Sr Vice President, Risk Advisor
(805) 361-7404

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Kip_Keller_SmlKip Keller
Sr Vice President, Risk Advisor, Ventura
(805) 585-6108

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Microsoft Word - Greg Van Ness Biography.docShaun Kelly
Sr Vice President, Risk Advisor, Bakersfield
(661) 616-4712

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Microsoft Word - Greg Van Ness Biography.docGregory Stephens
Vice President, Risk Advisor, Ventura
(805) 585-6742

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Mark_Lyon_SmlMark Lyon, CIC, CRIS
Senior Vice President, Risk Advisor, Ventura
(805) 585-6176

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Microsoft Word - Greg Van Ness Biography.docMike Melshenker
Surety Account Executive, Ventura
(805) 585-6115

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David_Shore_SmlDavid Shore, CIC
Sr Vice President, Risk Advisor, Ventura
(805) 585-6121

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Rick_Toohey_SmlRick Toohey, CISC, CRIS
Sr Vice President, Risk Advisor, Ventura
(805) 585-6105

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At Tolman & Wiker, our team combines extensive industry knowledge and market specialization for clients in virtually every industry sector of the marketplace. Our size and depth gives our clients access to best-in-class resources and expertise they need for world-class risk management and benefits consulting.

Loss Control Seminars

SeminarCalendar_Web_02View our calendar of upcoming loss control seminars on Workers Compensation, Safety, Lockout/Tagout Procedures, Sexual Harassment, Forklift Training, and other important topics tailored for the needs of our Construction clients.




Construction Industry News

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