Resolve to Achieve Your Business Goals in 2014

[ Return to Our Blog ] It’s another new year. For many people — including myself — this means it’s another fresh start, another chance to set and achieve goals. Forget the failures and disappointments of 2013 and earlier. We’ve got 2014 and beyond to start over.   I suspect that’s the reason why we’re […]

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Return on Human Capital: Why Leadership Plays a Big Role

[ Return to Our Blog ] Business leadership often exclaim, “Our people are our most important assets.” Assets do turn into capital, and human capital holds the potential to bring a great return on investment in terms of innovation, efficiency, and productivity. But return on human capital is not always easily achieved. One of the […]

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Why Good Leaders Need to Stop Talking and Start Listening

[ Return to Our Blog ] Recently, a research team from the University of Michigan used a computer simulation of a Mount Everest Expedition to determine what kinds of leaders produce the best outcome in a group setting. Interestingly, they found that teams whose leaders had been induced to feel powerful (through suggestions such as […]

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