Workplace Wellness: An Employer’s Guide to Promoting Wellness at the Workplace

[ Return to Our Blog ] There are many different types of wellness programs. The purpose of these programs is to promote healthy lifestyle wellness initiatives and can include smoking cessation programs, on-site gyms, healthy food initiatives, wellness education and much more. While some businesses have instituted very comprehensive health programs, others have achieved savings […]

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Communicating Wellness Through Social Media

[ Return to Our Blog ] Workplace wellness remains a vital initiative for companies striving toward a healthier employee population and reduced health care costs. A significant part of any workplace wellness program is employee communication and education, and social media can be a beneficial way to expand those efforts.   Why social media? In […]

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Despite Delays, the Affordable Care Act Remains a Requirement

[ Return to Our Blog ] By Greg Van Ness, CEO TOLMAN & WIKER INSURANCE SERVICES, LLC Posted July 16, 2013   The recent postponement of the “Pay or Play” provisions of the Affordable Care Act (ACA), otherwise known as Healthcare Reform (or in some circles as Obamacare) has only temporarily postponed, not eliminated, that […]

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