How to Avoid Litigated Workers’ Comp Claims

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How to Avoid Litigated Workers’ Comp Claims

Thursday May 22nd, 2014

10:00 AM – 11:30 AM (English)


Litigated claims cannot always be avoided, but there are things an employer can do to lessen the risk that they will have one. This presentation will provide tips on what an employer can do to decrease the risk of having their workers’ compensation claims become litigated.


Presented By:

Ranchero Room
1525 E Main Street
Santa Maria, CA 93456

Cost: $50 (No charge for our clients)


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  • Why is this important?
    Litigated claims cost more on average than non-litigated claims and stay open longer.


  • Who Should attend?
    Human Resources professionals, managers and anyone who handles claims for their employer should attend this seminar.


Please make sure all attendees arrive at least 15 minutes ahead to sign in; classes will begin on time.

Register By: May 16th, 2014

If registering after this date, please call us to confirm availability. If you require any special accommodations, please inform us when registering for the seminar. Seminar schedules are subject to change; all registrations will be confirmed upon receipt.

Register by phone to:

Rose Ann Lopez
(805) 361-7472

About the Speaker


Presented by:
Marketing Director, Zenith Insurance
Pleasanton Regional Office


Fred Martinez is the Marketing Director for Zenith Insurance Company for California’s Central Coast region.  He has worked in the workers’ compensation insurance industry for 17 years.  Throughout that time he has worked in claims as an investigator, examiner, and customer service manager.  He consults with clients and insurance agencies on implementing best practices for claims while managing a marketing territory from south of San Jose to Santa Maria.  He has a bachelor’s degree in Economics, an MBA and is an AFIS designee. 

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