Preventing Sexual Harassment for Supervisors 2020 (Spanish VTA)

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Preventing Sexual Harassment for Supervisors (Spanish)

California law AB1825 (Government Code Section 12950.1) requires that all new supervisors of employers with 50 or more employees attend training in sexual harassment prevention within 6 months of hire or promotion, and all current supervisors attend training every two years for at least two hours. AB 2053 now requires that we incorporate “Abusive Conduct” or bullying as part of the mandatory topics. It will also include the new revisions under SB 396 which require that as of January 1, 2018 the training include gender identity, gender expression and sexual orientation. Attendees must be present for the entire seminar in order to receive a certificate of attendance, sorry no exceptions.



4th Floor
196 South Fir Street
Ventura, CA 93001

Cost: $150 (No charge for our clients)



SB 1087 Farm Labor Contractors, goes into effect 1/1/15: (Labor Codes 1684,1685 &1690) “The bill requires an applicant for licensure as a farm labor contractor to execute a written statement attesting that the person’s supervisorial employees have been trained in the prevention of sexual harassment, as provided. They must also execute a written statement, that has been provided to the Labor Commissioner, attesting that the person’s supervisorial employees, including any supervisor, crew leader, mayordomo, foreperson, or other employee whose duties include the supervision, direction, or control of agricultural employees, have been trained at least once for at least two hours each calendar year in the prevention of sexual harassment in the workplace,..” Failure to do so can result in the revocation, suspension or non-renewal of the Farm Labor Contractor License.

Participants must be present the entire 2 ½ hours in order to receive a certificate. Any person arriving late will not be issued a certificate of attendance. Please plan on arriving 10 minutes before the start time in order to sign in and be ready for the stated start time. The seminars will begin on time. 
Please make sure all attendees arrive at least 15 minutes ahead to sign in; classes will begin on time. Ample free parking is available in the rear of the building.
Parking is limited to 2-hours directly in front of the office. There is all-day parking available surrounding the city park across the street, as well as a parking structure on Santa Clara Street between California & Chestnut.

Register within 5 business days of Seminar Date.

If registering after this date, please call us to confirm availability. If you require any special accommodations, please inform us when registering for the seminar. Seminar schedules are subject to change; all registrations will be confirmed upon receipt.


Register by phone or email to:

Loss Control Department:
(805) 585-6100


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About the Speaker

Microsoft Word - Greg Van Ness Biography.docGILBERT J. CERVANTES
Gilbert Cervantes helps companies and their employees address their workplace health and safety; workers’ compensation and Cal/OSHA compliance issues. Additionally he helps guide companies and their employees with issues potentially involving discrimination, harassment or sexual harassment. He conducts the prevention of sexual harassment training sessions for supervisors and employees. Additionally he helps guide companies by answering related questions, reviewing their written policy to ensure that they have the required elements, consulting with clients on how to handle related issues and directing them to an attorney for specific legal advice when needed.

Gilbert has been helping employers and their employees with harassment and discrimination issues since 1985. He has attended or participated in related seminars put on by various groups including in-house training sessions conducted by the corporate attorneys for various insurance carriers for their Loss Control Consultants. Since 2005 he has attended numerous AB 1825 Train the Trainer seminars put on by a Human Resources Consulting company.


More recently he was approved by the defense attorney for one of our clients, the opposing attorney and the court hearing a sexual harassment case to conduct the Prevention of Sexual Harassment training for supervisors and employees as part of the settlement of a sexual harassment case. Part of the process called for the presiding judge to review the written material Gilbert developed for the training. The judge subsequently approved the material and approved him to conduct the court ordered annual training in Spanish for three years straight for all employees and supervisory staff.

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